Medical harnesses can be used in very harsh environments, being repeatedly plugged, unplugged, manipulated, cleaned (with antiseptic solutions), or used in dynamic applications (e.g. X-ray machines). Overmolding technology is generally used on the pass-through and connector side to obtain high mechanical strength with cable flexibility. Common overmolding techniques are based on the use of slots in overmolded plastic that should not be used in hospital applications since they create undesirable spaces that may harbor germs and microbes. Often, it is impossible or simply too time-consuming to clean them thoroughly. To overcome this problem, CIEE Interconnect has developed innovative molding solutions using special soft plastic that provides the best compromise between strength, flexibility, and adhesion to the other parts of the harness (cable, connector, etc.).
CIEE Interconnect is certified ISO 13485 for product traceability and cleanliness of the manufacturing area.


Over many years, CIEE Interconnect has developed expertise in overmolding (molds, materials, and process). This technology, used in medical, industrial, and telecom markets, offers quality, reliability, high repeatability, and clean design with the added bonus of cost savings compared to "traditional solutions." The most common materials used for overmolding are PVC and PA66.
We develop customized products whose design fully meets the mechanical, electrical, and environmental requirements of the customer.
Overmolded technology allows custom connector shapes for high density integration combined with an embedded EMC shield and a high quality level. Moreover, overmolding is a recognized solution for cost reduction and lead-time reduction.

Ultrasonic Compacting and Splicing

Severe environmental applications with low-cost targets are good candidates for ultrasonic technology. This technology, which is based on reliable and low energy consumption machines, enables the compacting of one or several copper wires with high mechanical strength and good electrical properties. CIEE Interconnect has optimized this technology for power distribution and automotive applications, and can offer this economical solution to its customers.

Electrical Soldering

Electrical soldering is a low cost technology, with low operating time and no additional soldering material. With high process repeatability, high reliability of connection, and low cost, this technology is particularly suited for industrial applications like motor control and energy distribution.
With many years of experience, CIEE Interconnect can now offer this solution for all industrial markets..

Specific Design

Over the years we have developed engineering partnerships with our customers, and as a result CIEE Interconnect is now involved in the mechanical and electrical design of user interface products like command boxes. This extends to specifying and sourcing embedded boards.
We offer innovative and cost-effective solutions, taking into account the application environment and customer specifications.
For complex designs, our engineering team develops functional test benches and is able to optimize the testing of all components.