As part of its long term vision, CIEE Interconnect management has defined an ambitious development plan focusing on market share in key market segments. 
CIEE Interconnect established itself in telecom and medical, and then in the power distribution and marine segments, and is now entering the aerospace and railway segments.

CIEE Interconnect provides two key benefits to its customers: 
- It has a broad market base, which ensures stability and reduces risk.
- Across environments and applications, there are common challenges in product design, such as EMC, flammability, safety, and mechanical constraints, etc).
By merging technical solutions and international standards, CIEE Interconnect is able to propose innovative solutions which are already approved in other market segments and are already qualified by other quality standards.
For instance, we can propose innovative harnesses and cables to meet outdoor telecom requirements based on experience designing for the harsh environmental and EMC constraints of the automotive market. This also allows to realize economies of scale across industries.


For more than 7 years, CIEE Interconnect has been supplying all types of cable assemblies integrated in BTS cabinets used for system installation. This is a challenging market; it is technology-driven, subject to enormous price pressure, and demands great flexibility. CIEE Interconnect started with simple harnesses, and is now supplying bus bars, high density harnesses, high frequency coaxial cables, optic fibers, and high performance cables.


After many years in this market, CIEE Interconnect is optimized to deliver small volumes, high quality, engineering support and thorough documentation. With an average quality level of 200 dppm, and a delivery performance of almost 100%, CIEE Interconnect has already demonstrated its competitiveness in this market. With ISO13485 accreditation of its factory in Thailand, CIEE Interconnect is now also able to supply medical cables.

Power distribution:

As a preferred supplier of Schneider Electric and SAFT, CIEE Interconnect has shown its capability to design and produce all types of cable assemblies, from small wires to 240mm2 cables. These products comply with European regulations (halogen free, ROHS, REACH), North American standards (UL, CSA), and others (China CCC, …). These customers require the flexibility to produce large or small volumes as well as after-market replacements.

Construction & Infrastructure:

CIEE Interconnect is also deeply involved in the building and public works industries. Starting with a solution already qualified in other market segments, CIEE Interconnect developed new concepts for outdoor applications with severe environmental constraints (humidity, temperature, salt, vibrations, and chemicals). These new concepts leveraged new technologies such as touchpad and multiplexed data, and still achieved huge cost reduction.


CIEE interconnect manufactures in its Asian subsidiary (IRIS certified) harnesses and control boxes for signaling, brakes and door systems using specified raw materials. These materials can be sourced in Europe, US or Japan, depending on the customer’s preference.


CIEE Interconnect has been working with an aerospace company involved in civil aircraft layouts since the end of 2008. This collaboration has been a good experience and a launch pad for the implementation of AS/EN/JISQ 9100 in our Thailand factory. CIEE Interconnect is also a strategic supplier of an important AIRBUS partner.
We support our aerospace customers with a quality-approved manufacturing plant in Asia and US-dollar invoicing.


In 2005, CIEE Interconnect implemented the ABYC (American Boat and Yacht council) regulation for some markets in the marine industry. In the European market, CIEE Interconnect produces harnesses and cable assemblies which comply with the BV Rules for the classification of steel ships, referring to IEC standards such as IEC60331-21, IEC60332-3-22, IEC60754-1, IEC60754-2, IEC61034-1, and IEC61034-2.