Harnesses, Cable Assemblies

CIEE Interconnect delivers all types of harnesses for all market segments, including wires, multi-strand cables, flat cables, and all types of terminals and connectors - SubD, circular connector, ...
With guidance from our engineering team, we can assist our customers in finding appropriate cost-saving solutions.
Even for small and medium quantities, we use automatic machines for cutting, crimping, tinning, and assembly processes.
For high performance and quality requirements, we implement in-production testing tools to control dimensions and electrical features.
Cable assemblies can also be marked by inkjet or laser technology.
For aerospace, rail, and medical, CIEE Interconnect develops and implements specific 3D control tooling and dedicated test bench

Cables and Harness Kits

CIEE interconnect can provide packaging solutions according to customer requests and constraints:
• Bobbins including electric cables, optic fibers, and cooling hoses
• Complete kits with identified cells for each cable
• Custom marking and stickers using adhesive labels, inkjet marking or laser marking

High Density Connections

CIEE Interconnect has developed expertise in high density applications like SCSI connectors, board-to-wire connectors, circular connectors, and high density coaxial connectors using dedicated crimping tools and machines (up to AWG 30).
Because data transmission performance is fundamental for industrial, telecommunication, and medical applications, all products are 100% tested on electrical benches, applying test conditions defined by our engineering team in accordance with customer specifications and complying with international standards, e.g. ROHS, UL, REACH and IPC/WHAM-A-620.

D-sub Connectors

D-sub connectors are used in a wide range of applications, combining low cost and high quality.
CIEE can offer a large variety of connector sources and overmolded solutions allowing cost reduction, custom shapes, and high reliability. Our cable assemblies comply with all international standards e.g. ROHS, UL, REACH, IPC/WHAM-A-620, and our cables can be used in such harsh environments as dynamic applications, data transmission and motion control.

Network Cables

CIEE Interconnect is involved in the design of products for large telecommunication companies, integrating the constraints of EMC, ISO/IEC, and IEEE standards. In this context, we can propose cost saving solutions based on alternative raw material or innovative process solutions.
We deliver RJ cables up to Category 7 for applications up to 1000 MHz. We are particularly careful with crimping and shielding processes, knowing that product quality is greatly impacted by process accuracy. We use specific network cable testers for prototypes and production ramp-up validation; for mass production there is 100% monitoring.

Optic Fibers

CIEE Interconnect supplies silica and plastic optic fibers, mainly for medical and telecommunication markets.
Optic fibers are produced with standard connectors; we have also developed original solutions for dynamic machines with high vibration and torsion resistance.
All products are manufactured in a specific clean area, to avoid dust contamination during assembly, testing and packaging. Our fibers are tested with optical transceivers at 650nm or 850nm.

RF Cables

The RF cable market combines low cost with high performance requirements.
CIEE Interconnect's product range combines low losses with high power, high temperature, and high flexibility, in accordance with international standards.
For cost saving purposes, our engineering team is involved in alternative raw material research and new process development.

High Current Connections

Mono-strand and multi-strand power cables and high current harnesses are a big part of our production activities. We produce cable assemblies with cross sections up to 240 mm², using all types of terminals and connectors for high power applications.
We have developed expertise and specific test equipment for high current cable characterization, e.g. high current bench and thermal measurement. These tools enable us to be involved in the design cycle with our customers.

For power distribution applications, CIEE interconnect can develop and provide adapted solutions like bus bars and high current filters with specific dimensionnal and electrical feat

Control Panels & Remote Controls

We dedicate a production line to the manufacture of control panels and remotes, mainly for construction, infrastructure, and agricultural equipments. We integrate boards, sensors, actuators, and user interface components to deliver a complete solution.
We take ESD and mechanical constraints into account in the manufacturing process to guarantee a quality product. Electrical features are 100% controlled on electrical and functional test benches. We participate in the design and execution of projects by managing environmental tests (vibration, humidity, temperature, UV, EMC) and proposing cost-saving solutions.