Our expertise on production is characterized by high flexibility, high process reliability, high quality.
The CIEE Interconnect organization has followed the principles of lean manufacturing and kaizen for many years. Coupled with kanban this has allowed us to deliver both small and large quantities just in time while maintaining high quality standards. Quality is monitored throughout the production process with a strong culture of poka-yoke and SPC (Statistical Process Control).

CIEE Interconnect production plants are organized in product lines, with a high integration of automatic processes. The specific stages include process qualification, FAI (First Article Inspection), production ramp-up and mass production, and all are monitored in detail by our teams. The industrialization and production departments work closely with the quality department to create documentation such as capability studies, GR&R, control reports and control cards.
CIEE production
With the constant aim to exceed our customers’ expectations, we implement new technologies:
  • Automatic cutting and stripping machines
  • Molding machines
  • Inkjet marking
  • Laser marking
  • Ultrasonic wire compacting and splicing
  • Induction soldering
  • Electric soldering
  • Electrical test sequencers
  • Microscopic analysis tools
  • Life-time test benches
  • Electrical warm-up measurement bench
  • Optic fibers assembly machines
  • ...
Our production department operates according to proven management techniques, which ensures optimized production from raw material to finished product..