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In 2013 CIEE has integrated a new facility that has been built in Bangkok in order to reach high industrial standard, to increase workspace, and to improve working conditions. Extension possibilities have been foreseen. This new plant is located close to the airport and to main logistics hubs.

new plant picture


CIEE has decided to create a dedicated “Rail transportation” team at design department. Our key objectives are :

  • Design studies from prototyping to end of industrialization
  • Develop competencies for Rail market, and satisfy customers
  • Shorten time to introduce new products and learning curve
  • Manage customer modification with efficiency

This decision is in accordance with our global strategy to improve our reactivity on challenging markets

CIEE Interconnect is an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider of wiring and cable assemblies and integration solutions for a wide range of industries, delivering customers all around the world.
CIEE’s worldwide headquarters is in France and the main manufacturing site is located in Thailand, close to Bangkok.
CIEE Interconnect is a strategic partner to many important global companies that are leaders in their markets.
Focused markets include industrial medical, energy, aerospace, rail, and marine.
For ten years, CIEE Interconnect has run a strong, continuous investment program to establish high efficiency manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia, equipped with automatic machines and high-end control equipment.
The high level of expertise and quality performance allows these facilities to comply with the most demanding certifications in the field of cable assemblies: AS9100 (aerospace), IRIS (rail), ISO13485 (medical), ISO 9100, and UL.
CIEE Interconnect is focused on quality, reliability, responsiveness and cost reduction. We offer innovative solutions in design, supply chain, service, and raw materials to help our customers lead their markets.

Medical Cables :

Custom cable, assembly and connector design are our specialties. We provide prototyping as well as off-shore production in our Thailand facilities.

Fiber Optic Cables: 

Multimode connectors have PCstyle polished fiber, while the single-mode connectors are available with APC- or UPC-style polished fiber.

RF Cables Assemblies: 

RF Cable Assemblies are very cost effective in transmitting high frequency signals. All of our RF cable assemblies are engineered to meet or exceed the latest international industry standards.

Network & Communications Cables: 

We manufacture both standard and custom network communication assemblies compliant with all international industry standards.

High Current Power Cables:

We manufacture custom high-current cable, celding, UPS, motor drives, power supplies, and special low losses for PWM applications, compliant with all international industry standards.


We provide complete sub-assembled solutions integrating control panels, boards, sensors, actuators with compliance of ESD, EMC and environmental constraints.